Courses 2023 / 2024

Introductory Courses


First Period Courses


Second Period Courses

  • Aging & intergenerational relations (Tomassini)
  • Health over the life course (Seghieri-Cavrini-Boccuzzo)

  • Survey methodology (De Cantis)

  • Education, ineq. & the life course (I) (Porcu)

  • Quantile, M-quantile and Expectile regression (Salvati)

  • Education, ineq. & the life course (II) (Guetto-Pronzato)

  • Survival analysis (advanced) (Attanasio)

  • New challanges in popoluation studies (Barban-Muttarak)

  • Statistical methods for complex data (Vitale)

  • Summer School on Statistical Methods for Causal Inference (Mattei-Mealli)
  • Summer School on Academic Writing (Cavrini)
  • Winter School on Meta-Analysis (Baccini)
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