PhD program


The PhD program in Life Course Research fosters the study of life courses and the significant events that shape them from a holistic and transdisciplinary perspective. The program establishes an alliance among scholars from the biomedical, psychological, and socio-demographic fields.

​The PhD program in Life Course Research will train a new generation of highly skilled scholars relying on an evidence-based approach, with a strong emphasis on quantitative methods and data analysis.

Unique features of the Phd program in Life Course Research:

  • Thematic rather than disciplinary identity
  • Super-departmental and super-regional nature of the Consortium to overcome the fragmentation of local approaches 
  • Multilevel teaching structure fueled by a large Scientific Consortium

Curricula of the PhD program

Biomedical curriculum

Psychological Curriculum

Socio-demographic curriculum

The Scientific Consortium

  • 29 associated universities across all Italian areas
  • 55 scholarships across the three curricula
  • 95  highly-qualified academic members of the PhD Board
  • Strong synergy with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Research Program Age-It: Ageing well in an ageing society
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Coordinating University

Affiliated Universities

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